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Volunteers Needed

The Alaska Day Committee is seeking volunteers for the Alaska Day Festival activities such as the October 18, 1867 transfer ceremony (Sitka Ninth Infantry, and Russian Navy and Russian American Co.), the Alaska Day Ball, and Keystone Kops. For more information about specific volunteer opportunities, please go to the Committee page for contact information.

Alaska Day Festival Flag logoSteve Dalquist is enlisting men for the Sitka Ninth Infantry to simulate the newly arrived American forces of 1867 who marched through the streets of New Archangel and up the hill to the governor's residence for the historical October 18, 1867 transfer of Alaska from Russian Claim to the United States. He is inviting those interested in post-Civil War 1860s American military uniforms and black powder weapons to call him at 907-747-4835 or 907-747-1001. Assistance with costumes and weapons is also available.

The Russian Naval unit needs recruits who will march under the "imperial double-headed eagle" to Castle Hill for the transfer re-enactment, in which they lower the Russian flag. Those interested are asked to contact Ron Conklin at 907-966-2281. Among the costumes provided are sailcloth shirts, imported dark wool pants, and the black wool, piped in white, "bezkozirki" official visorless cap that was first introduced in the Russian Navy in 1811.